The Color Red: Downloadable Preview

To preview The Color Red, download the free teaser below. The novel will be released on MARCH 20, 2023.

Kudos for The Color Red from Publishers Weekly:

“Impressive series launch …. Fans of intelligent procedurals will hope for a long series run.”

The Color Red brings the twisted Balkans to Boston and Cape Cod. A Slovenian-born billionaire and his second wife are found dead, hanging side-by-side at their pool. Some say the man was giving away his fortune; others say he was once an oligarch. Who’s the killer? Old Soviet operatives? His butler, his son? His first wife or Balkan relatives? Detective Ivy Bourque and her team encounter many suspects, but none of them have a motive. Why would someone kill a benevolent rich man without an apparent enemy in the world?

Purchase THE COLOR RED: Click here for information.

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