Reading in the Time of Covid

Recent consumer studies show that book purchases increased during the pandemic and that the Crime/Mystery genre registered the most purchases, more even than Romance.

Now that Covid-19 is a small scourge — in my locale, that is — I’m reading more mystery/detective novels, more tales of death. Although whodunits revolve around murder, the plots explore everything under the sun. They portray all aspects of humanity, from the positive to the negative. They are good and evil incarnate.

So, I’m back at it, checking out the “deadly” genre. I wonder how it will reflect the new zeitgeist. What’s going on out there? Uncertainty and innovation, to name a few things. And murder, of course. It would take more than a pandemic to rid the planet of murder, not to mention murder mysteries and romances. Read on, dear reader, whatever your favourite genres.

2 thoughts on “Reading in the Time of Covid”

  1. G’day Honky Tonk!

    *Our future abode: 59, Fifth Avenue, Rossmoyne WA 6148* Settlement today, keys on Friday.

    Hasta la vista, amigo.

    The Reddest God-Damn Fox Down Under. [image: The progeny.jpg]


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