Author Introduction

A little intro. I write detective fiction, which I call North Noir, aka Canuck Noir. You know what I say? “Leave your Scandinavian Noir in the sauna. It’s time for North Noir.” On the bio side, I grew up in Canada and the USA (Nova Scotia and Boston). I’ve traveled the world, working dozens of jobs. Like any good detective, I know both sides of the thin blue line. I’ve used numerous aliases (for non-nefarious purposes, of course). You’ll have to take my word on that.

Keep coming back. I’ll be posting blogs about writing detective fiction as well as fiction in general. I’ll post book reviews. I’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of my North Noir novels, featuring Detective Sergeant Eva Naslund. The novels follow prescribed narrative conventions, such as the inclusion of forensic detail, yet the prose isn’t formulaic. It’s as important as the plot. The first novel, Bay of Blood, is available; click here for full details.

Although I love beaches, I won’t post stuff about walks on the beach. I promise. No product endorsements either. {Hey, Malcolm Gladwell, I like your podcasts, but I don’t want to know what kind of shoes you wear.} This blog is about writing. Welcome!

Don’t strive to write literary fiction, write damned good fiction. Anonymous

Preview of my Next Post: A few months ago, walking along wearing bumblebee-striped socks and my Gladwell-approved AdiNikPum shoes, I … “Hold it,” you say. “There’s something wrong here. And not just the shoes. It’s the socks, AMP. Bumblebee socks? That’s definitely not Noir.” Right. Sorry. No more of that.