Writing in the Time of Covid

I tend to shy away from making sweeping statements. However, I think I have one that everyone will agree with: The pandemic changed everybody’s life.

Among other things, the pandemic made me rethink what I write. I started looking at a bigger picture. Re detective fiction, I’m working on a new series. The novel I finished during the pandemic doesn’t fit into it. It takes time to scope out a series and to get the pieces – the individual novels – right.

The new series is plugged into the current zeitgeist. Through the guise of fiction, the series will tackle topics like societal greed – without sacrificing the core of detective stories: the whodunit. As for timing, I’m not sure when the first novel will come out. As is its wont, the pandemic “retimed” everything. I’m aiming for next year, but I’m on pandemic time. Whatever will be will be.

2 thoughts on “Writing in the Time of Covid”

  1. Hi!
    Please don’t you go join in the gloom and doom camp now. I know we’re going through hard times because of the pandemic but do we need to have it rubbed on our faces? So many writers are changing their stories to pandemic gloom and doom… I love your sarcastic detective and really sound hate to see him change. It’s bad enough we’re going through this pandemic and all its bad sides and we listen to it all in the news. We need books to distract us and make us believe that there is some good left in the world even if through the eyes of a sarcastic detective ;). Please don’t join the doom and gloom band.

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