New Fiction by Installment

Sorry, there are no installments available at the moment. Please check back later.

Kudos for North Noir I, Bay of Blood:

“A vivid page-turner” ~ Steven Heighton, Governor General’s Award Winner | “Quintessential Canadian mystery” ~ Lesley Choyce, Dartmouth Book Award Winner

5 thoughts on “New Fiction by Installment”

  1. […] Keep coming back. I’ll be posting blogs about writing detective fiction as well as fiction in general. I’ll post book reviews. I’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of my North Noir novels, featuring Detective Sergeant Eva Naslund. The novels follow prescribed narrative conventions, such as the inclusion of forensic detail, yet the prose isn’t formulaic. It’s as important as the plot. The first novel, Bay of Blood, is available; click here for full details. Installments of the second novel, a work-in-progress, are available here. […]


  2. Interesting plot
    Character interviews provide additional data. I am especially interested to learn more about the ex wife who claims she is still his wife!

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