Why Aren’t Your Novels set in the Winter? They’re Supposed to be NORTH Noir

The first novel in the North Noir series (Bay of Blood) is set in the summer. The next two will be set in the spring and the fall. “Why no winter settings?” you ask. “No blizzards? No frozen bodies? It’s supposed to be NORTH noir.” Valid point. However, I have a reason – based on research. Well, on observation.

The short answer: Not as many murders take place in the winter. “Why?” Because it’s winter. In Canada, outside the cities, things slow down. Call it hibernation.

“Are you telling me that murderers are huddled next to their fireplaces? That it’s too cold to go out and kill someone?” Maybe. Hell, sometimes it’s too cold to go outside. Besides, murderers can’t risk harming their weapons, can they? Take an axe. If you overuse it chopping wood, it’ll be too dull to behead someone. Consider a shovel. If you break the handle trying to clear ice, it won’t be available to whack someone on the head – two dozen times, of course (we’re talking noir, people). As for your shotgun, if you try to fire it at Minus-35, the barrel will explode or it’ll backfire. Forget about rendering it useless for murder. You’ll be dead yourself.

1 thought on “Why Aren’t Your Novels set in the Winter? They’re Supposed to be NORTH Noir”

  1. What a journey! I’ve been chuckling as I read, recognising the voice. It’s been a privilege to have witnessed the development of some of your earlier works and now I look forward to the full emergence of this whole new sub genre – Canuck Noir! I have reason to be very confident of good thinks to come.

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